Welcome to URL-info !

This tool analyzes the HTML pages : finding headers, internal and external links, show img links, etc.

The URL-Info Bookmarklet is a free bookmarklet that makes it easy to get information about any web page you're reading on the Web. Here's what you do:

For Safari or Firefox:
Install the Bookmarklet by dragging this button URL-Info to your browser's toolbar in Safari or Firefox.

For Internet Explorer:
Right-click this button URL-Info and select "Add to Favorites". IE will point out that you are adding a "potentially unsafe" item to your toolbar. This is a standard warning for all javascript bookmarklets. Our bookmarklet is safe, so please answer "Yes".

The first URLinfo (by Michael Fagan) is here : http://www.faganfinder.com/urlinfo/ (includes 113 tools!)

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